I was laid off after 14 years with the same company, 40 years old, divorced and single, with a 17 year old son in his senior year of high school, I was at a crossroads and it was time for a change whether I liked it or not.

For years I felt empty working a job because I had too, always working for the weekend. Why can’t I love my job doing something with meaning and making a difference, here’s my chance..

One last look down the hallway, last walk around, I’ll miss my coworkers, joking around with my friends and our little adventures finding cool places to eat. I packed up my things from my cubicle and left.

I’m currently going to school for massage therapy, I’ve taken Circulatory, Anatomy, Shiatsu, Tui Na, Deep Tissue and soon Tai Massage, Craniosacral and Neuromuscular. I’ve learned so much about the body, I had my first massage earlier this year and have lost count to date, I love learning about the history and benefits of different massage modalities.

The human body is such an amazing thing with its ability to heal, recover and push through adversity both physically and mentally.

I’m a trail runner and I’ve pushed my body through so much running trails and races, a few 100 milers, the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim, I continue to break through new barriers and see so many amazing things along the way.

If I can help myself recover faster, help others and make a living at it.. well that’s not so bad. Time is the one thing I cannot get back and I’m just taking my shot at living a happy life. Sometimes you have to take a step backwards to move forward.

Hello, my name is @GabeYanez and you can usually find me on the trails, I’ll say hi as I pass on by but if you pass me you might get the finger, well.. a mental one 🙂