Hello, I’m Mike . As I think about the journey from teen to now, it’s been about a lot of trial and error. Some of my biggest adversities came after graduating high and leaving my hometown.

Being only 18 and leaving everything I’ve ever known was a bit of a struggle for me. Everyone knows the early struggles of being a college student, but when you feel like your support system isn’t there, it makes it that much harder.

From financial struggles, long hours of studies and working, it’s started to weigh on me. However, the biggest trait I gained was resilience. Being able to perform when your when your back is against the wall.

Taking a negative situation and being able to make a positive outcome. This is a trait I’ve learned and still to this day helps me with any obstacle I’ve faced. My advice to you, every negative scenario isn’t a failure. It’s more a stepping stone to the success you’ve always wanted.