I love hearing stories. I prefer the ones that have happy endings because who doesn’t, but I love listening to any story that’s true and authentic. Some of my favorite movies are ones that were based on true stories like The Gridiron Gang, Hacksaw Ridge and Freedom Writers.

Sometimes the endings aren’t always the best or at least, not for all the characters. They dive deep into the lives of people who’ve endured so much, who’ve overcome adversities and yet, sometimes we forget that it’s still a reality for so many others outside the screen.

When there’s inspiration, there’s hope. That’s why I love to share your stories on my blog. You have the power to inspire others with your life and the things you’ve gone through. Just like a movie has the ability to do as such, so can an individual. People aren’t inspired by sweet endings. They’re inspired by everything imperfect, which includes love, triumphs, and each other.

It all begins with a story and within that one story, an entire journey is born.

When there’s hope, there’s restoration in various different ways. Stories have the ability to move you in ways you never saw coming. They spark something in you that you never would’ve expected, let alone had the desire to explore. The reality is, there will be times we aren’t guaranteed our sweet ending to a given day.

The ones that do, we’ll hold on to. We’ll cherish the moments, appreciate the growth, and share it with those around us. But the ones we don’t, we’ll embrace the moments, accept the growth and share it with those around us. Embracing the moments will allow the feelings to sink in which will therefore help you understand that they are absolutely valid.

Once you do that, it makes it easier to accept the growth that comes with it and gives you the chance to help others who may go through what you did. It all begins with a story and within that one story, an entire journey is born. It’s like a deck of cards, you don’t know which one you’re gonna get but it’ll definitely be unique. Your endings don’t always have to be sweet. Hell, sometimes they can’t be. But they can always be worth something. So, make the ending worth it.