After my dad’s funeral, I decided to become an advocate against suicide. I tell myself, stay strong and live on. I lost him at the age 16, before a graduated high school, had breakups, got married, had children.

Depression is a serious mental sickness that should not be over-looked. You need to tell yourself that despite the bad in life, there will always be good. Suicide may be an “easy way out” but, instead it hurts those that love you so dearly.

The trials and tribulations in life that you are given are never too much for you to handle; however, they will make you a stronger individual.

I now live with the guilt of, “what could have I done better to save a life?”. Please, know that people around you love you, and there is help available. My dad’s passing was horrific and I’m still recovering.

This week (Nov. 9 2017) I am turning 18 and I wish my dad was still here with me. It eats me everyday. If you have suicidal tendencies or have chronic depression, please get help from a professional or tell family and friends. There are so many resources available to help you! God bless!