I feel like a lot of people overlook their small victories because they don’t have the same “value” as the grander ones achieved by their fellow peers. I’ve had that issue… and it’s happened to slip a couple times recently. Remember when I’ve mentioned that I still have THOSE moments? Yeah… but with the self-love I’ve developed, I’ve learned to give praise to myself even over my smallest triumphs.

I spoke about this in a previous post, about how I always wanted to be so many things. I wanted to be athletic, I wanted to be more outgoing, I wanted to be shorter, I wanted to be more talented, and God, the list would just never end. I tried to emulate the people I admired and, in my eyes, were the perfect example of the kind of person I wanted to be to make me happy.

And no, I don’t mean it in a creepy manner where I tried to steal their personalities. I had a little more dignity than that, thank you very much. I would just notice how they held themselves with such confidence and strength which is something I always longed for. I figured, “why don’t I try to do the same, then maybe things will be different for me.”

Be thankful for all the small victories as you work toward large milestones as it’s not the endgame that matters most, but how you got where you are.


I also mentioned that that didn’t work. Trying to be someone you’re not never does. But the moment self-love came into the equation, things started to shift. I noticed I began to feel pride in the moments I would achieve a goal. I reached certain milestones, that to other people, might seem insignificant but to me, meant the world because I never had faith in myself.

Sure, there are certain dreams and wishes I would’ve liked to have come true. Is it too late for some? I’m not sure, only time and God will tell. But aside from the large battles I’ve won, I celebrate the little victories that help shape who I am today. Honestly, they’re the ones that tend to re-energize me the most.

Don’t ever degrade anything you’ve achieved

Because we tend to encounter those small triumphs every day. Don’t ever degrade anything you’ve achieved, even when the world looks at it as trivial. You’re scared of the road and you pass you’re driving test, you hate public speaking and you ace your communications class, you never thought you’d work in the medical field and you end up working really well in a Doctors office.

Celebrate what you’ve attained. The same value found in someone starting a successful business is the same one found in taking your first step in whatever journey you’re embarking on. Triumphs are triumphs and any battle won is worth celebrating.