Be a boss. Take the lead. Your reflection possesses more power than any person physically standing in front of you. It’s your choice whether it becomes an enemy or a fighter. And it all stems from your mind. How can you build an empire without confidence? How can you impact lives when living in mediocrity?

Depression’s only motive is to keep you in a steel cage as a prisoner with no possibility of parole. Mental illness has no mercy, no key to unlock your imprisonment. But you do. You’ve always had the key, you just never knew how to use it. It took me 21 unofficial years and 10 official years to figure it out.

The real battle is within yourself.”

Abhijit Naskar, We are all black: a treatise on racism

You’ve probably heard so many people tell you it’s easy. That once you start, there will be no struggle and your life automatically becomes the ideal, picture-perfect dream… Uh no. I’m here to tell you the journey is long. It’s terrifying, it’s bumpy and there’s no guarantee how long it’ll take you to overcome each step. But oh, is it fulfilling and worth it.

My mind was against me in every way you could imagine. I would’ve had two options: rely on pills to function with the likelihood of them turning me into a zombie or head to the grave at the age of 16. The poison that violated my thoughts made it impossible to breathe even when there was nothing but air.

I was enclosed in a room with steel walls and distinct-like voices shouting despicable things that bruised my body and broke my soul. The voices I thought were so distinct turned out to be my very own, using different forms of abusive language.

It’s your choice whether [your reflection] becomes an enemy or a fighter

At times, I would lay awake at night, my throat burning from all the tears I shed and the ones I tried to hold back. I told myself I couldn’t keep living like this. Do I hope for the best? Or do I make a change? I didn’t know what to do or how to go about it. But something had to be done. So, I chose. I chose to fight. I chose to believe. I chose to empower. I chose to have faith. I chose to live.

You wouldn’t recognize the girl I was back then. Do I still have battles to face? Yes. Do I still struggle with certain steps? Yes. Do I regret what I went through? No. Not even a little bit. And tomorrow I’ll tell you why. But today, Be. A. Boss. Find your hearts motivation. Work towards that. Fight for your life. And you’ll end up gaining more than just a new perspective.