Did you know it’s National Drink Wine Day? As much as I love my rosé, we gotta celebrate the fact that yesterday was Random Acts of Kindness Day. A day with a goal that should be set from the moment you wake up rather than limited to just once in a blue moon. I’m not just talking about RAK towards other people but to yourself as well. Be kind to yourself.

One thing I wish I would’ve done more often in the past was think of myself as my own child, my own little girl and all the things I would want to say and do for her. When you compare the bully version of yourself to the confident/loving version of yourself, it’s almost unbelievable. I’ll sit in shock thinking back to all the horrible things I would say to myself, the lack of TLC I would give my body and the pollution of my mind as it was filled with disgusting thoughts about who I was.

When I imagine that little girl, I get teary-eyed. All I want to do is hold her in my arms, tell her how valuable she is and take her to her favorite spot where she feels most happy. Be kind to yourself. You deserve it. When you do this for yourself, you will have all the more to give to those around you.

Random acts of kindness, however small it may be, can transform the world.

Amit Ray, Walking the Path of Compassion

Remember: Don’t ever underestimate the power of kindness in any shape, size or form. The impact that a single gesture can bring to a person whose last shred of hope was restored from what you probably thought was an insignificant act is enough to show you how important it is. Often times, our survival depends on that one good deed from someone else.

I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve heard the story of how someone asking how someone’s day was or striking up a conversation with a complete stranger kept that one person from committing suicide. It goes so much deeper than giving someone a genuine smile. Random acts of kindness give a person validation and tells them that they’re seen. I know how much it means to me when someone goes out of their way to make my day easier or lighter.

When you do this for yourself, you will have all the more to give to those around you.

I want to try and be that for anyone who needs a little extra “piece” to make it through. It allows them to actually TAKE from me since I’ve worked to make sure I have enough for myself. It really is true what they say, “one person can make a difference.” Be that person every day. It takes a lot more energy to hate and takes away a little bit of your soul to do nothing than to just love others the way you want to be loved.

In today’s climate, it’s what we need more of. It’s what we’re in desperate need to feed off of and something we continuously try to seek out. Be Kind. Spread Kindness. It’s what we thrive on.