Are you proud of yourself often? When you accomplished that little goal you had to finish a painting you struggled so hard to even begin because you’re not exactly an artist, did you do a happy dance? What about that recipe that didn’t taste too salty or too bland? Did you cheers with a glass of wine? Or what about tidying up your house when it’s usually a giant mess? Did you lay on your VISIBLE floor and raise your hands to the heavens in relief?!

For the longest time, I believed I had to meet the longest and toughest finish line for my goal to matter. All the little things were insignificant so so were my efforts. But then I realized how good it felt to celebrate the things that mattered to me that I had accomplished, big or small.

I personally don’t exactly enjoy flying too much, especially if I’m alone. In the beginning of this year, right before my birthday, I went to Arizona for the first time ever to visit my friend who had recently moved there by myself. Mind you, one thing I’ve always wanted to do more is travel, particularly by myself (even though I’ve always had a fear to do so). It was honestly one of my favorite trips ever BUT that’s not all. Ya girl here decided to hike up a whole mountain for the first time.

Now let me tell you what I learned; I was a VERY naïve person thinking that I was actually prepared for a hike in general when I can barely keep up with a consistent workout routine. I had not packed enough water nor had I stretched my soon-to-be poor aching muscles beforehand. And what is usually an hour long process for most people who do this sort of thing often turned out to be like 3-4 hours long for me.

But when I finally reached the top of that giant ass mountain, I felt such relief and pride that I actually did it. I made it to the top all on my own. There weren’t any proper stairs. No elevator. No helicopter ride up to the top. All I had to get me there was my body’s strength as well as my minds. My friends encouraging (and understanding lol) spirit was the cherry on top to push me through.

Some day you will look back at your struggling days and feel proud of what you have achieved.

Avijeet Das

Even if I never get to have another opportunity like this, I can remember what it felt like to overlook the beautiful landscape of Scottsdale and breathe in the fresh air from such a high point. It’s a pretty remarkable feeling. Although I’d want to be physically stronger to do something like this again, I can’t imagine not trying in another beautiful location.

I never would’ve made it up that mountain had it not been for my will-power. I could’ve easily said no to my friend or told her let’s just go up half way and then head back. But I knew the end goal was the most valuable for me. It was tough and there were moments when I questioned if I could really make it through, but I kept pushing.

Your everyday triumphs are worthy too

I kept fighting through the pain and discarding the thoughts that were telling me that I’ve done enough, just head back down. It doesn’t take climbing a mountain to feel that sense of pride. Your everyday triumphs are worthy of it too. I’m proud of you. Of what you’ve overcome, of who you’ve become and your will to make your life the way you want it. So why can’t you?