Gonna share a quick story today 😉

Saw this in the kitchen right now and it’s a dollar bill like this that I got from a traveler while in Bergen. He needed some NOK and I gave him some NOK cash but he insisted on giving back a few dollars even thought it was only like 20 for the bus or something. Anyhow, I got home, stared at the dollar bill and thought, one day I’m gonna go to the US and use this!

So I got a kitchen magnet and put the dollar bill on the fridge, and everyday when I got up for breakfast and looked at it, I thought, today I’m gonna work my ass off so I can put away some money so I can buy a ticket.

About 6 months later, I looked at my bank account and I had managed to save up enough for, not only the ticket to the US, but also an around the world trip ticket! I had enough! So I called STA travels and told them destinations I wanted to visit and there it was…suddenly I was going around the world…

Ended up travelling in December ’05 and didn’t return home again until ’07. They were such fun and enjoyable years, all thanks to a one dollar bill!
Don’t underestimate what a small thing in your daily routine can do for you! Traveling around the world because of a one dollar bill, it’s funny to think about but it’s a true story of how one dream started and how it came together 😊