Can I tell you a very sad yet funny story about Rachel Hollis. Believe it or not, I was in the Newark airport getting ready to leave on my family vacation to the DR last year in October. I had my book, Girl Wash Your Face in my bag ready to keep me company on the flight while we were seated getting ready to board our plane.

All of a sudden, I look straight ahead and I see this woman with the exact same hair and face as Miss Rachel Hollis. I was clearly hallucinating because shit like this doesn’t happen to me and there’s no possible way she could be standing only 10-15 feet away from me. I literally tried to convince myself that it wasn’t her.

I took out her book and showed my mom and she was like “OMG, I think that’s her.” I said, “no, of course not.” I showed the the book to my brother and without looking at the woman a few feet away, he huffs and says “Yeah right, that’s definitely not her.” But when he turns around and actually looks at her, he laughs and says, “Oh shit, I think it is.”

Now at this point, both my brother and my mom are trying to convince me to go up to her and ask for an autograph and a picture. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHYYYYYYYY, but all of a sudden I got this sense of shyness, fear, nervousness, whatever you want to call it. and I told them, “You know what, it’s not her, it’s just someone that looks like her twin.”

When I went on her Instagram, sure enough, it turned out she was in New York for some business that weekend and was now boarding a plane to head back home to Texas. Which is exactly the plane that started boarding when I horribly convinced myself that it wasn’t her.

The answer is yes, I completely regretted not going up to her the second I allowed WHATEVER it was that kept me back from meeting her. (BY THE WAY, SITUATIONS LIKE THIS LITEALLY ONLY HAPPEN LIKE ONCE IN A LIFETIME IF YOU’RE LUCKY). I had a perfect window of time to do it too and I just let it slip on by. I’m hoping one day she’ll come across this post but who knows…

Moral of the story, DO NOT BE LIKE ME! Don’t allow feelings such as this hold you back from ANYTHING. Take that leap, Yell “SCREW YOU” to fear and just DO it. Think about all those moments and experiences we could’ve had if we’d just gone for it 100%.

It’s not good to dwell on the What if’s but it’s a sure motivator to force you into not making those same mistakes again. The saying is old but but it always rings true, “Cease the moment!”

Maybe the hardest part of life is just having the courage to try.

Rachel Hollis, Party Girl