My 24th year was a good one and that’s just putting it lightly. It was one of the best years I’ve ever had. Now that I’m turning 25, I can look back at my life’s journey up until and now and truly say I’m happy with where I’m at and who I am. Things can always be better, I can certainly still make changes and continue to grow in every aspect of my life… but I can honestly say I’ve reached a level of happiness that only makes me grateful for the things I’ve gone through. It makes me excited for 25 and all it has to bring me. So now I want to reflect on what I’ve learned and what I’m striving for in this chapter of my life.

  • Gratitude keeps you blessed. I used to be someone who was never content with what I had. I always wondered why things couldn’t be different, why other people had it so much better and what I had just wasn’t enough. I was probably one of the most ungrateful people I’ve ever known… until I began losing what I did have and witnessed changes that made me regret ever complaining in the first place. Last year was the year I told myself I would embrace everything I do have, every moment that was presented to me because I never wanted to forget how blessed I am. It’s the blessings that I have now that reminds me a grateful heart is one that gets rewarded.
  • Persistence gets you results. I said this year is going to be focused on being consistent with my goals and what I want. I was never a persistent person because I lacked the motivation and I had too many negative thoughts cloud my mind. But when you continue to get frustrated because you encounter the same outcome, then it’s time to make a change or you will forever be disappointed no matter how many times you try and pout and repeat. This requires a sense of will power that pushes you through the fog that’s telling you you’re too tired, you can start on another day, what you’re doing isn’t going to work. After seeing my very own results from being consistent and determined, I don’t want to stop. But of course, that’ll be my challenge because it’s always good in the beginning until that fog starts to return. You just gotta keep walking through it and waving it away.
  • Independence builds character. Being independent has actually been a goal of mine in different aspects of my life because It’s one of those things where I’m independent in certain areas and in others I’m lacking. The past couple of years, that independence has grown but it’s not to the full extent where I would like it to be. It’s one of those traits that I’ve always admired in others. It’s one that builds strength, something I’ll gladly receive continuously because being weak is not an option for me. Never again.

These are just some of the many lessons learned and aspired goals for the future. I’m a young woman who has been spoiled with love, blessings and growth in ways that make me grateful for who I am for the first time. That might have been one of the greatest lessons I’ve ever learned: Self-love. Self-love and everything that comes with it. Without that, my happiness wouldn’t be able to exist because I wouldn’t be able to receive all the love that’s given to me in return.

I thank God for choosing me to be part of this life, to have the opportunity to share it with those who want to take the ride with me, and for giving me the tools, both physical and emotional, to make it every single day. He has given when I don’t deserve it, He has provided even when I doubted, and He has rewarded countless chances when I’ve failed Him. There are no words to describe what I’m feeling today but just know that my heart is fuller than it’s ever been.

Here’s my 25th Birthday Celebration. The best one yet!