Why do our lives sometimes get flipped upside down? Why do they do a 180 instead of a 360? Humans have to be kept on their toes as a means to survive. If you get too comfortable, you might lose sight of the ultimate goal. Maybe it’s just cause. Situations arise and some are out of our control so we’re helpless to the change.

Or perhaps our eyes needed a new perspective. Our vision starts to turn foggy with the every day details that become so routine and mundane that there’s no other way to clear the sight than to do a handstand to shake the fog. (of course not literally) But it certainly feels like it when the life you know changes completely.

It’s a good thing. It may not be under the best circumstances… I mean, I never would’ve picked my dad having cancer as a way to gain a new perspective… but it was necessary. Whatever kind of flip you get, it transforms you. You’ll feel unsteady, you’ll feel the blood rush to your head and you’ll question how long you can tolerate it.

But it’s necessary. Whether it be a personal journey or one you share with other people, it has a purpose. The fog will soon clear and you’ll have righted yourself with a different stance. It could’ve impacted you in the smallest way or it could’ve turned you into a completely different person.

As long as you keep your eyes on what’s important, it won’t matter how many handstands you’ll have to get through… because you’ll know it’s just a new perspective coming to clear up that fog.