The world we live in celebrates when you become a hollow shell filled with nothing but THEIR beliefs, THEIR ideals, and THEIR standards.

They promise if you just become more like the people on the commercials, the celebrities, and the influencer’s on social media… all the happiness and fulfillment you crave will come.

No one tells you this is an endless cycle of chasing something that draws you FURTHER away from who YOU truly are. The more you chase what “they” have, the more you try to be like “them”, the more you DISCONNECT from who you always needed to be in the first place.

Your super power isn’t the ability to replicate someone… your super power is simply being YOU. 100% authentically and genuinely YOU. That’s what you’re craving.

That’s where fulfillment and happiness lie. You have everything inside of you NOW, you just forgot how to listen to yourself. You forgot how to follow your intuition.

So come home to yourself. Do what makes you happy. Share your story. Learn to laugh again. Be silly. Embrace your quirks. Dance. Be a light to others. But most of all, ALWAYS be true to yourself.
It was the best decision I ever made.💛