I believe this is one of the few years I’m actually excited for what it has in store. Most years I didn’t really have expectations or I simply thought there wouldn’t be any changes. I know every year is different but I just felt like nothing magnificent was waiting for me on the other side. Or I would dread it all together, thinking that my happiness was going to be very limited.

I believe the difference this year is I’ve been able to really look back and go through what I’ve been able to accomplish. To review the lessons I learned and how helpful they’ve been to get me where I am. I’ve also challenged myself to do more and try new things even if I am a little scared. There’s so much motivation in me now that wasn’t there before and the one thing I’ve always struggled with is being consistent.

I’ve seen a lot of people choose their one word for the new year, one word they want to be their main focus and CONSISTENCY is mine. I’ve always allowed my fear, my doubts, my laziness get the better of me, ultimately dictating how the rest of my days turn out. By the end of it, I’m only left with feeling disappointment. I’m the type of person who needs to see results instantly, so when I don’t, I immediately feel discouraged which then halts me from being consistent.

Now, that’s the thing, consistency isn’t about seeing the results the first time around. It takes time, commitment, will power. How do you expect to see a higher number in your savings account if you forget to transfer that extra dollar every Friday? How do you truly expect to see results when you’re not driven to put in the effort?

Passion pursued with consistency… goes so much further and opens doors you cannot imagine

Deeksha Arora

It’s about believing in the outcome of what you’re working towards. Believing that all the sacrifice, the long hours, the hard labor and many obstacles along the way will be worth it in the end because you followed through and made it happen. You didn’t give up. Consistency is essential for success. Lord knows where I would be had I taken what little goals I did have in the past as seriously as I’m doing now.

There’s a lot that stands between you and being consistent which is why you have to mentally, physically and emotionally train yourself to push against those barriers. They’re going to come in all forms from people doubting your abilities, to days where you don’t want to lift a single finger, to feeling like everything is going wrong with no chance of righting itself in the end. Now that’s a lot to worry about, don’t you think? I mean, how could you not give up after that.

Find the deeper meaning

But it’s more than just meeting your final goal and reaching the top. It’s about what you just proved to yourself through it all. Despite the exhaustion, the negativity, the fear and the obstacles, you kept going. You didn’t stop. Regardless if you made a mistake, you failed the first time or many times after that, regardless of what it took to get you there, you still made it. Find the deeper meaning. THAT’S what consistency is.