For a really long time, I thought I had to meet a certain criteria for me to be considered enough. I remember having this one thought dominate me to a point in which it led me down a path that wasn’t my own. It was the path of a person who didn’t even exist.

That person was more outgoing, smarter, more attractive, and well-known. That person was the kind everybody wanted to be around. There was no such thing as being left out, ever… but “unfortunately,” that just wasn’t me.

I know, all too well, what it’s like to feel invisible. To feel as if you can be discarded without a second thought. Why? The answer was simple: I wasn’t enough. I didn’t meet the criteria so I just had to accept that I’m just not worth it… But I was so very wrong. Because I’m worth everything.

You are worth everything. You have a purpose that hasn’t been discovered yet. You have adventures waiting around the corner. You have people looking forward to meet you. You have a life that’s been given for a reason. You are no less than the person who’s ahead of you. You are the creation of a God who make’s no mistakes.

Sometimes it takes being left seemingly with nothing to realize that you are everything. To see that you held the key to your own happiness and self-worth and belonging and wholeness all along.

Mandy Hale, You Are Enough: Heartbreak, Healing, and Becoming Whole

I wish I could look each person in the eye, especially those who struggle with this TRUTH, and tell them “you are enough.” You have been, you are, and forever will be. No amount of hatred can overcome that reality. No voice can ever be louder, nor an illusion seem any more genuine than the simple fact that you are enough.

There will always be that one person, that one voice, that one piece of paper, that one SOMETHING, that will try and degrade what real worth you possess. Don’t. Let it. Loving yourself means knowing your worth, It means knowing you’re enough. It’s hearing the opposite and trusting it’s nothing but false claims.

Loving yourself means knowing your worth

My worth does not depend on anyone else… it does not depend on anything else. But. Me. So I tune out the people, I silence the voices, and I appreciate the piece of paper before I shred it without a second thought. Too many years lost, thinking I was a mistake. That there was an error and I just needed to be fixed.

The only error was in my way of thinking and allowing others to penetrate my mind with ugly thoughts. But that doesn’t exist anymore. And neither does the person who thought could be better than me. I am enough. I will always Be. Enough.