When I was little, I had a best friend named Laura. We were inseparable. We spent every afternoon after school together and we told each other everything. We even shared a “secret diary” in which we wrote down the guys we liked.

Later, we became close friends with another girl, named Sofia. She was very friendly and we had a great time together.

One day Laura told me that Sofia had been talking bad about me. She showed me some of those conversations. Laura told me not to get angry and that I couldn’t say anything.

I couldn’t contain myself and I went to speak with Sofia. She said that she didn’t talk bad about me, she didn’t admit to anything. Laura was angry with me because she told me not to say anything and I betrayed her.

Since that day, nothing has ever been the same. I don’t speak to Sofia anymore after what happened and little by little, Laura and I stopped talking to each other. I met other girls, with whom I am now very friendly with and they also met other people.

But I wonder what would have happened if we had not been angry. I regret that I stopped talking to them. And yes, I admit, after five years, I miss them.

Now I talk to them occasionally, but it’s not the same as before. Laura has changed schools and Sofia hangs out with other girls. The two have changed a lot, but I would like our friendship to return.

So, I’m going to give you some advice: do not ruin a friendship over a quarrel or a simple mistake, because maybe in the future you’ll regret it. Try to fix the problem because a good friendship is very difficult to find.