The idea of studying abroad is very cool but the reality of leaving home is pretty scary because no matter how excited you may be to go overseas, there will come a time when you miss being home.

Did you still remember when your whole family drove you to the airport, gave them about a million hugs each, but ultimately, you had to say goodbye and board the plane by yourself?

But with the thought in mind that no matter what you go for in life, you will have to, eventually, conquer everything that scares you….

You have to accept the fact that this is your fate and destiny. Everything happens on purpose, so why not enjoy every moment that happens here because being going away isn’t so bad at all.

You find yourself, you discover who you really are, and most importantly, you create everlasting memories.”

In the end, it’s a wonderful experience that you’ll want to remember because you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. After all, this is your second home. For now, enjoy it while you can…