We were given this gift by a family friend and I told her she captured the essence of who my family is and what we stand for. The four of us don’t always get along, we’ve had our ups and downs, situations have tested our limits and life has knocked us down a few times. We aren’t perfect. But if you know me, you know that my family is my rock. Regardless of what or who comes along, they’re always right behind me, as I am for them.

People always say that they admire our relationship and honestly, it has everything to do with how we were raised. My parents always had the perfect balance when teaching us discipline and freedom. Out of discipline, we learned respect and out of freedom we learned trust. The kind of trust that’s earned from both sides.

Families are like branches on a tree. We grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one.


A lot of people might think “what do you mean your parents had to earn your trust? They’re your parents.” Well, they knew if they handled certain situations or raised us in a way that made us feel like we couldn’t count on them much less open up to them, then that would only effect our relationship as we got older.

They always gave us the freedom to make our own choices, regardless of the consequences, and if there were any, they would be there for us no matter what. Disappointed, angry or hurt, but they would be there. Think of any scenario you want, my parents will give you the same answer, “we would be there.”

Just to prove how ride-or-die my parents are, I have a funny story where my mom had a dream that had her looking at me the next morning like she never knew me. She said, “In my dream, we were at some random store and all of a sudden I saw you snatch something from the counter and yell ‘RUN MOM!’ So my dumbass decided to run after you while screaming ‘WHY HAVE YOU DONE THIS?!’ These security guards were chasing us and then out of nowhere, you stopped right in the middle of the store acting so casually while I’m over here out of breath. They guards passed by the store and you waved at them as if nothing happened and they just kept walking… and then I woke up.” Obviously, you can imagine how hard I was laughing because the first thing I said was “well why’d you follow me?” Her response was “Because I’m an idiot but at the end of the day you’re my daughter.”

We do live by faith… We do walk in love

So you see, even in DREAMS, my parents will never fail to be there. We do live by faith because we allow God to guide us in everything we do. We praise Him when things are so right and we trust Him when things go wrong. We wouldn’t be able to get through life’s curveballs without Him and we’ve witnessed what He has done for us.

We do walk in love because everything that love stands for is what we try to transmit to anyone who walks through our doors. What we always try to give to each other. I could never be more thankful for the family I was born into and what I’ve been taught to fight for when I have my own. We’re a forever family.