I know this years holidays are a bit strange and very difficult for a lot of you. We’ve been forced to sacrifice seeing our families, being together, celebrating and also, overcoming the heartbreak this year has brought. I’m sending lots of love, prayers to you and just know that I’ll be thinking of what these next couple of weeks will signify for a lot of you. It’s a hard change and a new reality to come to terms with.

I know it may not be my place to express it, but I really do hope that everyone experiences their own little Christmas miracle, even if it’s just feeling at peace for the first time this year. These are trying times but as believer, I know my hope lies in the One who’s birth we celebrate tomorrow. He is my peace and my hope and my strength to get through the darkest of times.

Seek peace… don’t give up on hope

My advice is just to hold your loved ones closer this year, hang on to them, be present and try not to let the outside influence what you can enjoy in the here and now. Seek peace in a way you haven’t before and don’t give up on hope. There’s still lots of life to experience and it’s yours for the taking. So enjoy this holiday as best you can, maybe as never before BECAUSE of it’s changes.

Have a wonderful Christmas tomorrow and on a brighter note, I’m excited to just spend our first Christmas in our new home, taking advantage of our chimney in the sunroom, watching the Grinch and eating lots of sweets with my family. No better way to spend the holiday if you ask me. I love you all and I’m sending you hundreds of virtual hugs!