It’s insane how fast a year can go by. 365 days of adventure, opportunity, growth, and decision-making that creates one hell of a ride. A journey that’s so unique, it’s almost impossible to believe at times. 2019 is upon us and I want to send out some love, wisdom and prayers. I want this to be another extraordinary chapter in your life.

I wish every single one of you a safe ending to 2018 and that all the memories you’ve made throughout this year be stored away in a special place that will allow you to make room for what’s to come. To enjoy the finale of yet, another, beautiful time in your life.

I want you to remember the hard lessons and obstacles you endured were for a reason and that, guess what? You OVERCAME, because you’re resilient, worthy, and able. Remember that the hard times will continue to make an appearance, but you only get stronger from here on out.

I pray that 2019 be as prosperous and fulfilling than any other year you’ve had. That God reigns His blessings over you in abundance because you are His child and He loves to spoil His people.

It’s amazing how a little tomorrow can make up for a whole lot of yesterday

John Guare, Landscape of the Body

I saw a post on Facebook that said, “God protected us 365 days of the year. We made it another year.” I couldn’t help but feel grateful for that. Another year means another chance, another chapter, another journey, another everything to enjoy the gift we’ve been given.

I won’t lose my faith

I need to be honest and say that I’m finishing off this year with a couple things weighing on my heart. But even with those emotions swirling inside of me, I won’t lose my faith in what’s coming my way and I won’t be ungrateful for what I’ve been given. I’m truly blessed and I’ll never stop reminding myself that God has a bigger plan for me than I have for myself. (Yes, I quoted a Walk to Remember <3)

Cheers to 2019. Happy New Year!!