“I was born and raised in San Francisco, California. According to my relatives, I was taken from my mama as a baby due to neglect. The household that I was raised in was a very traumatic one for me.

I lived with my great aunt. At times, my great aunt was great. At times, my great aunt would be very abusive. I was also being touched sexually by my supposed older brother.

I tried to run away about 3 times. The first time I was in 1st grade so I was probably about 6 or 7 years old. The second and third time, I was 15. The first time I ran away at 15, I was sent back home. The
second time, I was placed in foster care.

From there, I was moved from home to home and group home to group home. At 17 I was arrested and placed in juvenile for fighting. It was in my cell that I had my first encounter with God.

He came to me in a dream and He told me that I didn’t belong there. (Says any inmate, right?) He told me that I needed to work on 3 things:
Anger, Patience, & Forgiveness.

Within the next couple days I was released and started attending a baptist church. I was also let off probation early and all my charges were dropped.

Later I went off to college, which I found was not for me because I had a passion to become an entrepreneur. I also had a heart for ministry.
Currently, I am in ministry school and I now have a growing relationship with my father and my

I also use my social media platform to encourage people with both scriptures and
motivational quotes.

God kept me through all of my struggles in life, He molded me to be the strong, beautiful individual I am today. If there’s one thing I learned about God is that He loves us and He will restore all that is lost in your life and also make up for missed time.”