“That’s one reason why I feel so worthless. Because I feel unwanted… I could never be enough. Never.” Anyone ever felt that before? Have you ever said these words and believed them the same way you believed in something as a child? Not exactly the kindest words you should be saying to yourself, right?

But people live by them. They’ve accepted the words as if they were known facts because whatever circumstances they’ve been through have caused their minds to come up with this unfortunate revelation. So how do you combat those negative thoughts? You can hear how much people care about you or watch them show you. But that doesn’t silence the voice.

The only way to do so is by putting that same belief in the exact opposite. “That’s one reason why I feel so valuable. Because I feel wanted… I know I am enough. Always.” Of all the obstacles I’ve had to face, this one was one of the hardest to overcome. Those words had so much power over me, I wanted to end it all.

But then I realized, words. have. power. If they have the power to end me, they also have the power to fight for me. And I feel like that’s one thing a lot of people don’t understand. You. Are. Enough. Those words have the power to silence the voices. But you have to say them. Because once you say them, you’ll start to believe them.

There’s not a person in this world, or a word I can hear that will make me question my value again. And even in the moments where those voices try to make themselves known, I’ll remind them they no longer have power. I am enough.