So I went to visit an Art School for Transportation design & presentation, but in the second year, we were taught a new lesson about photography. Somehow, I became so interested in photography that I started to shoot photos.

Well, I always loved taking photos. I think it all started when I was ten years old and my parents and I went to Tansania in Africa. It was such a beautiful country and I could have taken pictures the whole time.

Since then, I have been interested in photography. One year ago, I met a person who was called Pipo and he did very nice video clips. I thought, why donโ€™t I start to take videos too?

So, I started with videos and at first, they came out really bad but I think Iโ€™m learning throughout the process and each video I create is getting better and better. The last couple trips I did were all with my camera in my hand. I can capture everything that is running in front of my lens