I had never kissed anyone, until one day, I kissed a girl. After a while, I realized I was in love with her. I poured out all of my feelings to her, but had received nothing in return. Our families are prejudiced so I think we just decided to keep quiet about it all in front of everyone.

During that time, I became depressed so I searched for everything that I thought would make me have some kind of happiness. I looked for it in ballads, risky walks, drugs and sex.

Then I met a boy. A month after meeting him, we got into a relationship and he took my virginity. We’ve been together for 3 months, but unfortunately, it’s been nothing special. He tires me out, but I’m afraid to like him.

The girl I liked is in a relationship with another boy and because everything is so complicated I stopped liking her. I decided to move on and try to figure out what’s next with the relationship I’m in now and hoping for the best.