I found yoga in a difficult period of my life. It helped me so much that all I wanna do is spread this love and good feeling all around. Everyday, yoga teaches me to be a better person, and to care for the ones I love and for myself. And it teaches me the most beautiful thing: to forgive others and forgive myself.

Before yoga, I really understood when people said that friendships are very hard. We give so much to other people, and sometimes we receive the opposite in return.

When I went to college in another city, I started living with some girls. One of them was my best friend. We lived together 4 years and even with the daytime stress, I was always so grateful to have her and always making quality time for us.

I always have difficulty with lasting friendships and I really thought that this one would never be destroyed. That’s the hard thing, we always think that other people have the same loyalty we have.

After something she did that really hurt me, I came to talk to her and it suddenly turned into a fight, even though my point was to tell her how I felt about what she did.

After that, she turned all the girls in the house against me and none of them questioned that. None of them asked to hear my side of the situation and thank God I had (and still have) a boyfriend that is the most wonderful person and helped me through this. He really is the best.

That’s when I found yoga. Trying to escape this situation with putting other things in mind. But the surprise was that yoga did much more.

It helped me understand that people make mistakes. We make mistakes all the time. And to admit that to ourselves is the key. To know that she was wrong but I was wrong too.

And that’s ok. We try so much to push the responsibility away from us and put that on someone else’s shoulders and we don’t reflect on the situation because it’s easier.

After yoga, I found out that she did hurt me, but I might have done the same to her too. And that’s ok.
There are some people that come into our lives to show that we make mistakes too because we are not perfect.

It’s difficult to put ourselves in the place of others and to admit that we can be wrong. I’m so grateful and so thankful today because yoga showed me all of this in an incredible way. I will never be the same again. It’s a constant evolution and it’s beautiful.”