Do you ever get so inspired by what you see, either in person or on social media, that you come up with all these ideas… but never really figure out how to fulfill them? And I’m not talking about the “perfect lifestyles” that people portray. I’m talking about the people that have created something that they’re so passionate about, they’ve taken the necessary steps to achieve those ideas.

I follow so many amazing people and bloggers on Instagram that inspire me daily. But my struggle comes with figuring out how they got to where they are now so that I can implement those steps with what I’m doing. I have so many dreams for Triumphant but no real plan on how to make them happen.

I keep thinking the biggest obstacle standing in my way is money. I don’t have the money to start up any of the ideas I have in mind which makes me feel like I’m wasting time. I feel like many of you could relate to this. The idea that if you don’t have the financial means to do something, it’s basically a loss cause.

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.


But I’ve also been told that it shouldn’t be my main focus. So the moments I try and not focus on the financial aspect of it, I’m still left with wondering what I can do to further my progression. I think about all of you bloggers who started from 0 and worked your way up to a position that has made you and your passion flourish into something so inspiring and captivating to your audience. It gives me hope for my future, for Triumphant.

Many people deal with, what we believe to be, an impasse. A dead end. Many entrepreneurs, people wanting to be their own boss, they’ve probably all had the same mindset at times. How can you build something if you have no idea where to start? It’s crazy because, although I made my first step, which was creating my Instagram page and my blog, I already think about all the things I would’ve done differently.

That’s how you become better for your future.

But that’s how you learn. That’s how you grow. And that’s how you become better for your future. I still don’t have all my answers, I still question how my ideas are going to get done and I still question what the hell I’m doing… but I have faith and so much love for what I’m doing that I know I’ll figure it out. I’ll find the tools and the people to help guide me along the way. And I’ll have those I follow inspire me to do more and keep going.

I would love to hear your start-up stories and if you can relate to this post, so comment and let me know!