I never try to be that person who tells someone life gets better. As a survivor of a suicide attempt, I know that even though those words are true, they feel empty when someone needs to hear them most. I’ve been in those dark places.

Some days, I go back to those dark places. I used to think that if I could just find a way to be consistently happy, everything would be okay. But, a very important person in my life broke it to me that every day is a slot machine. She’s right.

But just because you run the chance of pulling a loser doesn’t mean that has to define you. You have a bigger bank than you think, so you can afford to lose.

Instead of saying life gets better, I say life goes on. I know now I can survive anything created in my own mind; it’s just that sometimes I need help. I’m unashamed of my disorders. I’m unashamed of being in therapy. I’m unashamed of being on medication.

I’m unashamed to be me.