For over eleven years, I used to do rhythmic gymnastics. After countless hours of practice and training, I learned that by understanding the beauty and grace of this sport, I was able to express myself and connect with other athletes on this same level.

After retiring from the sport, I was missing a big part of my life- a part that has taken me years to find and replace. However, once I started my fashion Instagram account about a month ago, I have found that this is the NEW way I can express myself and connect with others.

Fashion is a big passion of mine, something that brings me joy and comfort. I feel that I am part of a big community, a family of other fashion bloggers, who also like to use this as their escape and a way to bond with others. I hope I can continue this new journey and inspire others to find their own โ€œescape,โ€ a unique way they can express themselves and their personalities.