Self-care isn’t limited to tending to your body and mind. Your talents, your goals, your work, anything that gives you a sense of purpose should also be a priority. Invest in your craft by taking that leap of faith, taking that risk, and welcoming the journey that comes with it. Your passion is a part of you. It makes up a huge portion of who that is.

Life would be so dull and mediocre without the goals we set for ourselves, the aspiration to work towards our dreams and creating something so beautiful to put out into the world for everyone to see. I’ve always said that inspiration is literally all around us. It can come from anywhere. WE; you, me, every single individual is given the opportunity, should we embrace it, to build and create something extraordinary from that one muse.

Take a surgeon, for example. The kind of skill and intelligence that goes with cutting into a human, under all the risks that come with it, and bring healing to a wounded body… that’s nothing short of a miracle. And oh boy, do they invest their time, sweat, tears, and even their livelihoods to perfect and perform their craft.

I can’t help but have admiration and feel awe towards mankind and what they’re able to do with the limitation being that they are not God. Think back to temples, tombs, and palaces that were built without any of the technology and resources we have now. It’s astonishing to say the least what we’re capable of.

What makes you wise is not what you learn, but what you practice. What makes you wealthy is not what you earn, but what you invest. So, invest in what to practice, and practice what to invest.

Michael Peshkam

Even if you’re born with natural talent, there’s always room to build and grow your craft. To expand your knowledge from where you started to the new techniques that are born every day. Writing has always been my craft, however, I used to think I had to have a million different talents to feel whole and like I had enough to offer the world.

It doesn’t take a million things you’re great at to validate that you matter. It just takes one passion to dive into at full force, ready to do the work, taking the risks and accepting failure as well as growth. If you’re a versatile being than great! There shouldn’t be a limit unless it becomes a hindrance.

There shouldn’t be a limit unless it becomes a hindrance.

Invest in your art, invest in your craft, invest in what makes you happy. If you need a reminder of just how capable you are, just look around you. Turn on the TV, read a book, look where you’re standing right now. Yes, God created the earth and everything in it but He gave us, mankind, exactly what we needed to build it from the ground up.