What gives you the power over me that you can decide who I am, what I can do, and the lifestyle I can choose? Who gave you the authority to decide that your life was more important than mine, that you could take it away from me and my loved ones when you wanted to?

Is it because I am homosexual or lesbian, that I have no authority to make my own choices to learn from my OWN mistakes? Is it the Melanin in my skin that separates me from you, or the person I decide to sleep with at night that bothers you?

Is it because my English is not as clear you want it to be, or my natural hair and brown that makes your skin crawl at the sight of me?

Can you riddle me this? How long will it take before we all eliminate ourselves, from a world we call home, but use it as a landfill for garbage, murder, and destruction?

Loved ones eliminated by the hands of brothers and sisters of different ethnicityโ€™s and cultures, instead of natural causes and disasters.

Are we as the human race that lost? That blind by technology and social media, or even inconsiderate?

Can we consider or even imagine the consequences of our actions? The pain and suffering it will inflict on friends and family, because what they once knew as a gift from heaven is now a nightmare.

The misery and horror even the emptiness that has now pierced a whole in an innocent heart; can never be repaired by the most skilled surgeon.

The emotions we now are running from haunt us in every dream, memory, or photograph that reminds us of what was taken on that day.

Can you for one second look past the color of my skin and sexual orientation, to see that I am only human striving for the same goal as you.

Understand that I bleed or hurt no differently than you, but hunger for something more than what I am being fed by society.

Understand that we ARE NOT LABELS AND COLORS, but humans all wanting the same thing from a world that is now corrupt!