Q: What’s your definition of life?

Enjoy what you have and cherish the time with your loved ones because there’s a big chance you can be gone at any moment. Most people complain about life, money, the weather, they complain about nothing when life is so beautiful. You can’t focus on the little, insignificant things.

Q: How should we enjoy life?

Speak with people and interact with them. Smile to strangers and try to make new friends whenever you can. Travel the world, I mean, there’s so many things you can do.

Q: What made you decide you had to enjoy life differently?

Whenever I see people with an illness or those who are less fortunate, it makes me take a step back and breathe. It makes me give thanks to God that my life is good and easy compared to others and I think most people should remember this and think the same. You must be grateful for the life that you have.

Q: What’s the most important thing to you?

Le plus important pour moi cest d’aider les gens, je pense que si tout le monde d’entraide il n’y aurait
jamais de problème. Les gens ne seraient pas triste et jamais seul…

The most important thing for me is helping people. I think that if everyone cared the way they should, there would never be issues or problems. People wouldn’t feel sad and they’d never feel alone. So I do my best to show that I care.