Sometimes you have to work with what you’ve got. Aside from the fact that I don’t normally take photos like this or have the means to have a professional shoot done, I realized how fun it is to create something with limited resources. This example especially goes out to the people who are shy introverts like me when it comes to taking pictures in public. I’d much rather take my pictures behind closed doors but even doing something like this is stepping out of my comfort zone. I can handle selfies pretty well but not so much posing/modeling.

The fact is, sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone and use what you have in front of you to get the work done because if you don’t, all that’s left is wasted time and nothing to show for it. Throughout this pandemic, we’ve all had to work with what we have in our homes. The issues having to deal with spacing, schedules, supplies, expertise and a bunch of other factors that were effected forced us to become creative and resourceful.

As shitty as that process may be, it’s a damn good lesson to learn for this very reason. One day you could have the world in your hands, but the next, it could be gone in the blink of an eye. So what are you left with? You make it work with what you’ve got. It doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy. You may have to do things that you wouldn’t normally because it’s not within your comfort zone, but it challenges you to fight that feeling and try something new. If there’s a problem, you find a solution.

I also believe in the outcome of knowing you made whatever that problem was work given the struggles and frustration to make it happen. I’m guilty of doing this for years, allowing myself to not take action, using the excuse that “there’s no way I can. I don’t have X,Y,& Z to do it.” Do you know how much time and how many opportunities I willingly gave up because I didn’t have faith in what I could do with my limitations?

Limitations may hinder you, but ultimately it’s YOU that halts the progress

Limitations may hinder you, but ultimately it’s YOU that halts the progress all together. It’s easy to fall into that trap and get super discouraged but it’s only going to make you feel worse when months and then years go by, leaving you to question why you didn’t do something about it. You may think it’s just “one” moment that won’t even matter but then it starts adding up and turns into a cycle you’ll never break free from if you don’t take action.

Since COVID started, I really don’t get dolled up which means I don’t usually take pictures of myself if I’m not “camera ready”. Well because of this, not only do I take pictures on the few days that I do dress up and put on make-up but I actually change outfits (without having anywhere else to go for the day) just to get some extra content. Not to mention, I look for areas in my house that have good lighting and a good back drop for me to take photos that don’t only consist of selfies. This picture is a perfect example and believe it or not, it was taken in my dads small office at home. You gotta make it work with what you have. Sometimes the end result is better then you could’ve expected.