I see change as an opportunity. However, opportunities aren’t always exciting. They can actually be rather terrifying. But that’s the beauty of personal growth, right? With every new chance you receive, you go through this metamorphosis that transforms you from one person to another.

You can go from being the shy girl in school to talk show host 10 years later. You can go from being a studious book worm throughout your whole education and then decide you want to train for the NFL. There’s no telling what you’re capable of doing once you set your mind to it.

I’ve always thought that I was a highly introvert person. I never thought I’d be able to achieve any of the things I have in the past few years… yet hear I am, working towards something I’m passionate about. Let’s go a little deeper, I never thought I’d be a strong enough person to deal with my relationships or friendships in a way that won’t leave me heart broken and in tears.

Unexpected change is like a breath of fresh air — a little brisk at first, but magic for the body and soul.

Susan Wiggs, Just Breathe

Well, I’m the strongest I’ve ever been in my life and I couldn’t be prouder of myself. But just with the two examples I’ve given you, guess what I had to do and what I had to experience to get to this point… Change. I had to change who I was (for the better), I had to change my environment and my social circle, I had to change certain things I was truly accustomed to so that I could live happier.

It wasn’t always easy and, at times, it was absolutely terrifying. For those who aren’t used to stepping out of their comfort zones, like me, we enjoy our little bubble that keeps us safe and content so any thought of possibly popping that bubble immediately has our hearts racing. But it’s honestly not so bad once you take that first step.

Embrace change rather than run away from it

There will always be that small percentage of doubt and fear and questioning and the unknown. But don’t ever let them have enough power to dictate any choice you make because any or all of those put together create a deadly combination; Limits. Once you limit yourself, that’s when you miss out on those wonderful opportunities you would’ve wished you’d taken.

Change is good. It turns you from the person you’ve always known to the person you’re proud to have become. And there’s no greater accomplishment than that. So embrace change rather than run away from it.