Why do I blog? It’s something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time actually. And after seeing just how many people blog daily about their passions, their talents and their lives, it gave me the motivation to start doing it too.

There’s always been a strong connection between human emotion and the written word. I don’t really recall a time when writing wasn’t, in some way, a part of my life. For a while, before I decided to pursue the idea of Triumphant, I left writing on the back burner as if I just didn’t need it anymore.

You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you.

Ray bradbury, Zen in the art of writing

But that’s just not true. The mere thought of creating some type of solace for another human being through my writing was just enough to validate my decision in going through with this idea. Blogging gives you an opportunity to share your thoughts without any rules that aren’t your own. It frees your soul with every letter that you type and alleviates whatever was weighing on your heart that you couldn’t let go of.

The best reward I can ever receive in doing this is the notion of having comforted someone by just writing from deep within my heart. Without any face to face contact and with a single post, I let someone know that they’re not alone. I can’t explain what I feel whenever I read something so profound, so beautiful and so deep.

There’s always been a strong connection between human emotion and the written word.

That’s what writing has the power to do and blogging is a tool used to get the message out there. People are moved by the stories they read, by the quotes that become their life’s motto, and by the poetic feel that turns ordinary speech into beautiful sounds.

Blogging isn’t about posting a picture and typing random words (although for all my people that suffer from writers block, believe me, I hear ya!). It’s about getting personal, letting loose, and allowing your heart to speak while everyone sits back and listens ❤