I remember I wrote this poem in class after I moved away from Florida. From the life that had no light left to help me get through my darkest days. Little did I know that just because you remove yourself from a your given situation, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve won the battle and you’re free… but sometimes, it is what’s needed. I knew things weren’t going to be perfect and there were other hardships I would have to face, but I also knew in that moment I had won the biggest battle I was afraid to lose. The fight for my life.

This is for all those people who don’t believe they won’t make it through. For those who need to be reminded what they’ve overcome. How they’re triumphant. And how, no matter what you may have to endure in the future, you’ll always be strong enough to get yourself back up.


She’s changed so much in these past years.
A girl who had so many fears.
The pain she went through everyday.
She’d fight but it would only stay.
The tears held back, the tears let go,
this illness was her biggest foe.
She thought that this was just a curse,
but then it happened, something worse.
Do hearts deceive? No doubt they do.
She loved a boy she thought she knew.
To sweet talk was his special knack,
but then he stabbed her in the back.
He “loved” her hard until no end,
when really it was just pretend.
Through this time, she fell apart.
It broke and bruised her young weak heart.
When she couldn’t anymore,
she found another open door.
A new life waiting to begin,
a new girl living in her skin.
A chance not many could obtain.
Instead of losing, she would gain.
Now, at last, she feels alive.
The day she’s waited to arrive.
There are moments here and there
where life can be too much to bear.
The journey’s tough yet possible
to live her life, not vain, but full.
Now she knows her faith and strength
could help her go through any length.
Even though there’s difficult times,
Don’t forget the mountain she climbed
to end up where she’s meant to be.
A girl with chains has been set free.