My first and only “serious” relationship was my junior year in high school. There was this guy who had a crush on me and harassed me until I said yes, and I figured that since he was willing to try so hard to get me, he would treat me right.

He turned out to be controlling and abusive. He would call me fat and mock me for my weight. He would make fun of me, mock me to his friends and call me stupid.

We dated for a couple months and I couldn’t gather the courage to dump him, until he dragged me across the school parking lot, pulled me into his car and locked the doors.

I kept trying to unlock them, but every time I tried, he would push the button and the thing I was trying to pull up would go back down. That’s when my fingers started to bleed. I threatened to call the police so he drove me home, even though I wanted to get out and walk home.

The next day I walked home, and he followed me screaming out the car window. He attempted to hit me when I was crossing a side street and then drove to my house and waited for me there, where he grabbed me by my arm until I told him I wasn’t angry at him.

I broke up with him the next day, and he and his friends were waiting for me outside of my locker when I came to school the next day.

They accused me of using him for his car and called me a whore. They even started driving by me everyday on my way home, screaming out the car window.

Sometimes when I’m upstairs late at night I’ll see his car, slowly roll by my house and then speed up. I’m a freshman in college now and sometimes it still happens. I can always tell when he’s home from college because he comes with his friends to harass me.

I quit my old job and got a new one, but now he works right across the street from me. He doesn’t know I work there yet and I hope he doesn’t find out. He’s in the past now.