Iโ€™ve always struggled with stress like everyone does, but I developed a terrible coping skill which was to run away from it, pretending it didnโ€™t exist. This led me to build up weeks, months and, in certain aspects, even years worth of pent-up emotions, problems and tasks.

I started feeling depressed all the time around the fall of 2014. My depression paired with anxiety lead me to a terrible place. I turned to video games as my number one escape. I abused them, using any excuse to keep playing so I could escape for that much longer. I became severely addicted, playing from when I got off work until 12-2 AM.

I didnโ€™t go out anymore, didnโ€™t hang out with anyone, I could barely get the motivation to go to the store and get food. After steadily destroying my future aspirations, neglecting and hating myself, and ultimately ruining my marriage, I hit rock bottom. I was alone, but I was finally broken free from the chains of fear.

I began rebuilding, finding new and healthy escapes that I would learn to do in moderation. The best of which is photography. Photography has become my passion, something I not only enjoy but see success for myself in it. I now am learning everyday on how to better myself and my photography skills. My life is turning around, day by day. My name is Matthew Robidou, and I am Triumphant.