Since the moment I opened my eyes to the waves of the sea, I started to learn the sport of surfing. Over time, this sport became my primary passion. I practiced it as a hobby with my friends who share the same interest and we went to all the spots in my city.

So I became addicted, not to wine or cigarettes, but to something called surfboard body-boarding. After a while, I became involved in local competitions to ride waves and over time, I feel, not like a professional, but that I reached a good level so that I can participate in national competitions…

So far everything is good but the problems I face as a surfer include, experiencing seduction or problems in the financial department. You can’t improve your level without traveling to spots outside of Morocco. There’s also friction with other professional wave surfers.

The university to ride waves does not provide any support because this sport is new in Morocco. This makes a person like me very frustrated because it forces me away from my passion. I only hope that the university will eventually support this sport and that the situation will improve in the future.