You should always be trying to move forward. It doesn’t matter about how fast you go, how much you make, or how much you know, as long as you’re taking steps to better yourself and the life around you.

I’ve always been an entrepreneur from a very young age and most of the time it was with failing ideas, but I kept taking risks, and I kept trying new things. A lot of times those risks made me broke and alone but I never gave up…

Fast forward to today and I literally travel the world about 75% of the year, I go where I want/when I want, help who I can, and fall in love often… it honestly feels like a dream sometimes. I’m a college dropout, growing up it was my mother, two sisters, and myself.

Life was hard at times but as long as you surround yourself with genuine people who want to see you win, and a ton if tenacity, there’s nothing that you can’t do.