This past week and a half has been… quite eventful. We got to celebrate my mama’s birthday, got to celebrate my 22 birthday and unfortunately, our boiler broke which forced us to have to stay in two different homes for the past 10 days.

Before I go any further, I want to express how incredibly blessed and grateful I am and how fortunate we were to have amazing family members that opened the doors for us through this uncomfortable process. We don’t know what we would’ve done or where we would’ve gone without them.

So for the past 10 days, my family has been staying at either, my aunts house or my cousin’s apartment. It’s been a very trying process because not a lot of people would’ve handled the situation like we have. The past year, although has been amazing, has also put us to the test multiple times on numerous occasions. It’s been a struggle and, at times, overwhelming.

A couple days ago, I had texted my closest friends just needing to vent out. I implied the infamous question, “Why us? Why my family?” I just kept asking them, “When are we ever going to catch a break?” The feeling of helplessness just starts to consume me when I don’t see any progress, even when there’s effort put in and that’s when I start to let my emotions get the better of me. But then they told me what I always tell them whenever they’re going through trials;

This is not a crisis, I told myself. You are alive.

Veronica Roth

Just breathe. Be patient. Sometime’s I need those reminders too because it’s something I tend to forget when things aren’t going according to plan. The moment I hear the words “just breathe,” I instantly feel a calmness come over me that allows me to remember what I already know.

He is in control. Be patient and wait on Him. He hasn’t left you before, He’s not going to now. In life, there’s always going to be trying times. I know everyone goes through their own obstacles, some worse than others, but when you have one thing after another going wrong, you just start to question what YOU are doing wrong. The best advice I can give you when you’re in those moments and in that state of mind is exactly this;

Everything happens for a reason

Just breathe. Everything happens for a reason. It may be tough now but it will get better in the end. These are the moments where you build on that resilience we all desperately need when facing the trials that are thrown at us. It’s OK to have those weak moments. It’s OK to question and be a little scared or frustrated…

But don’t allow it to steal that peace you have in knowing that this won’t last forever. Life is all about living and learning. We’ve had our fair share of trials we’ve had to overcome but we know immeasurable blessings have yet to arrive. My family believe’s this more than you know. You are no different. So just breathe.