Pictures on Instagram of city’s and beautiful exotic places seem so beautiful, they just make you wanna book the first flight and leave . What people don’t say in those picture’s is the kind of process they went through to get there or how much money and energy it takes.

Traveling to another country is not always so perfect. It has happened that many times people have tried and didn’t get treated properly. Airports don’t always have those kind and happy people to assist you.

Last summer I was supposed to go to Lebanon. When I arrived there, the police man said that I needed a visa to get in to the country while the airport in Sweden told me that I didn’t need one.

The man didn’t listen to what we where saying so he just booked me a ticket to come back and put me in a room alone, waiting all night for the flight at 6 am.

That experience wasn’t fun at all but what I learned is that I’m stronger and I will never let anyone trick me in any country ever again. Of course, I will not stop traveling. Life is too short. Get the first flight you can and see the world.