Has it ever crossed your mind to apologize to yourself? We’re taught at a very young age to say “I’m sorry” when we’ve hurt someone. There must have been plenty of times where you’ve said the wrong thing or done something that effected another person in a negative way which led you to have to apologize to them. Wouldn’t the same go for ourselves? Aren’t we our own biggest critics and bullies?

Sometimes we don’t even realize it. We do it with our subconscious and little do we know, it usually has a huge impact on us. Every doubt we have about ourselves, every negative comment that we aim at our confidence does nothing but lower our self-worth. We start to think we have nothing to offer the world. Or worse, that we ARE nothing.

We worry so much about outside influences, people that have the ability to mark us with their words, or harm us in a physical way, but what if we turned the mirror on ourselves? Think about it, if you’re against yourself, how could you possibly live a happy life? If you become your biggest rival, you’ll turn into your deadliest threat. That’s why it’s so important to have self-love.

I’ve thought about apologizing to myself many times for the horrible things I used to say and think. For hating myself and wishing I never existed. Sure as hell, if my mom ever heard me say something like that to another person, she’d make damn sure “I’m sorry” would be the first words out of my mouth, no matter how much I disliked the person. I’m sorry are two words I know I need to hear.

Instead of being bullies, why don’t we become coaches.

It’s OK to admit we’ve been bullies before because we’re not always going to be happy with ourselves. But just as we fight against bullying towards other people, the same applies to us personally. So instead of being bullies, why don’t we become coaches. Let’s give ourselves CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. What you would want to hear from somebody else, let those exact words come out of your mouth whenever you look in the mirror.

I’m sorry isn’t just about what’s been done in the past. It’s about what you’re going to change in the future. Remember, when everyone else is against you, at least you’ll know you’ll have your own back when the going gets tough. Self love equals self empowerment.