Never been one to disturb or to want to be disturbed. I am an observer. My mind is colorful and ever changing. I fear not to be judged for I know the one who is worthy to judge me. We donโ€™t talk much, but Iโ€™ve seen Him catch me a thousand times. I was never someone to walk the straight path. My world is crooked.

From year after year of not feeling whole, years of doubts, fears, and always feeling trapped, I never understood the valleys as I slept in them. But I always kept waking in the morning and then walking just a little bit further.

Through every step I took, every wrong turn and every steep slope, I fought my way out. And now as I stand on top of another mountain in my life, I am filled with joy! Not joy from being on top of the mountain but joy from finally understanding the valley I was just in.

That same valley I was so tired of, transformed me in a way I could never imagine. Life sucks!.. Iโ€™ll be the the first to say it, but it also shows you views and moments that are irreplaceable! It teaches lessons that cannot be taught in a classroom.

I have chosen to take my lessons with me for when I approach my next valley. Life would not be filled with mountain top moments without valleys, for we would not know the difference. I know we are all searching. We are all hurting and we all want change.

Keep walking and keep learning so that with new gained knowledge we can first change us, and then bring that change to everyone around us. Life isnโ€™t meant to be one big valley! Because if it was, there would be no reason to learn or experience anything new, simply exist in the same circumstance.

Take that next step. Take that leap and FOLLOW YOUR HEART! I have chosen to always follow mine.