There are very few people that can say they like their boss. It’s hard to find someone who can, not only, teach his employees how to do their job right, but also be a mentor and someone who they can relate to. I was blessed with an incredible employer that I met in high school but didn’t become his employee until my sophomore year in college.

This Italian man tells horrible, cheesy jokes but has a heart of gold. I’ve never met someone who has a plethora of people taking time out of their day just stop by his business to say hi. They even bring him gifts! But I’ve gotten to witness firsthand why these people care about him so much.

You gave me your time, the most thoughtful gift of all.


He has truly been a blessing in my life. He has helped me through some desperate times, has been so generous and giving to me and to my family, he’s pushed me to follow my dreams and not let anything stop me from going for it. He’s taught me persistence is key and you just gotta keep moving.

I’m thankful for what he’s given me, for what he’s taught me, for what kind of person he is and for showing me a reflection of what kind of boss I want to be to any employees I’ll have in the future.

Learn every possible thing you can

If you can say any of this about who you’re working for, then cherish the time you have with them. Learn every possible thing you can and apply what they’ve taught you in your every day life. Not everyone is fortunate to have an employer like the one I have… but God has always put angels in my life to help me grow into the woman He wants me to become.

Thank you, Boss for blessing me in more ways than you can imagine!