I’ve always found joy in the small things. It’s the little things that make my heart jump or fill my body with such an emotion that my mind almost tries to freeze that moment in time. As if I can capture it and place it in this tiny bottle for safe-keeping. I couldn’t imagine not being able to take in those moments and allow the outside to fade away.

I was taught what it is to be humble which I believe is the reason for my appreciation for the small things. Sometimes it can be a little embarrassing when I express to someone how much a certain gesture or gift means to me because to them, it probably seems so insignificant but to me, it becomes something I’ll cherish forever.

For example; a friend of mine gave me a necklace that was basically a little message bottle filled with glitter, and she gave it to me before we went on our High School trip to Disney and said it was pixie dust. Now to everyone else, it’s a cute gift, but to me, it was one of the sweetest gifts I ever received because it reminds me of something that brings me so much happiness.

Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing

Camille Pissarro

Something as simple as the ambiance of a location or the melody of a song can make me escape reality within a mere second. Maybe that’s what it means to be in love with life. Not just with luxury and grand gestures but with genuine smiles and breathtaking views or fits of laughter and peace in the quietness. It’s being able to experience the magic that does exist in this world. Those feelings, those emotions are what’s spellbinding, leaving you in a trance you never want to snap out of.

Don’t discard the small pieces that create the big picture.

There are many moments throughout my life I can pinpoint those small instances that carry so much meaning, but I believe I hang on to newer ones now because for a while my mind was clouded in darkness and depression. There were few moments that I clung to to keep me sane but when I reminisce on others, I knew it would’ve been so different had the darkness disappeared.

So now, I embrace the small yet monumental (for me anyway) instances that erase reality, cast out the negativity and are infusing my being with genuine peace and happiness. Some say we have to look at the BIG picture. In some cases, I say that’s true. But don’t discard the small pieces that create the big picture.