What are you willing to go through in order to be successful? For the past three years, being successful has always been an obsession. In an attempt to feed this, I started to dabble in different business ventures, until the start of 2017 came which was when I focused on one specific business.

Everything was going great from that point.
I felt more focused than ever and my habits revolved around improving myself daily, and this goal oriented mindset made me the happiest Iโ€™ve been, as I was taking action for myself.

Heck, we even got a guru in the business down to personally help me and my partners. We seemed like we were on track for success by the end of the year and none of us had even turned 20!

However, a few months passed by and me and my partners were starting to lose momentum while I was finishing college and taking exams to finish, which meant I couldnโ€™t work on the business as much.

Next thing you know, me and my partners completely lose momentum and the majority of them quit. Even the guru we had gained the attention of moved back to where he was based.

This was something that, at the time, took a huge toll on me mentally as I started to have many doubts about myself. It was always at the back of my mind during the summer but I tried to ignore it.

I then decided to invest back into the business by going to learn more about it at an event that was taking place in Spain. What I learned there was game changing.

It taught me that even though you may think no ones going through what you have, there almost always is somebody that is and has gone through worse, and has overcome it!

Its all part of the process and the real winners are the ones with the patience and persistence to continue where others do not.

My names Ollie and this is my story.