If I had to choose one thing I truly want people to take away from Triumphant, I think it’d be them choosing to live their life differently. What I mean by that is I hope they’re inspired by either, my words or someone else’s story to where they feel it in their heart that they can be happy.

With happiness comes peace and a peaceful life… can get you through the darkest times. I want people who have always wanted to share their story to not be afraid to do it here. Some of the people that have already done it had a little of that fear when they first sent me their story.

But then they realized how cathartic it was to write all those emotions down rather than keep them bottled up inside. I learned how detrimental it is to shove them in the deepest parts of your heart. It’s not the best option when you want to be free…

To be inspired it great, but to inspire is an honor.

Stacey Hunt

You don’t know the overwhelming feeling I encounter when I see the comments that people leave on my blogs and when they read the stories I post from people all over the world. The inspiration doesn’t come from anyone but a human being just trying to figure out their purpose in life.

I know what happens when I read something that inspires me to the point where I decide, on my own, to try something different. I either start to think differently or I start to change something in my day to day life. If I can, somehow, do that to someone else through Triumphant, then I’ve done what I’ve set out to accomplish.

All it takes is one moment

My story isn’t the only one that has the opportunity to inspire a person’s life. I bless each and every person that has exposed a little of their heart in their writing piece for me. Their story has touched someone else, whether they know it or not and I’m so fortunate to have such diverse and amazing people be a part of something so special and close to my heart.

You may think your words have no power over the life of someone else, but all it takes is that one moment. One moment that, not only liberates you, but breaks the chain of someone else’s prison. There’s no limit to inspiration. Inspire and be inspired.