A girl named Lola spotted an acquaintance standing with a group of friends while waiting for her train to the Hampton’s. She approached the group to say hello and found they were Hampton’s-bound as well.

The acquaintance introduced her to Jamey. When Lola found out he worked for sales at Adobe, a company whose program she uses regularly, she peppered him with questions, like, “Why was this shortcut changed?” “Do you love the rubber stamp?”

Since Jamey sells software and doesn’t actually use it, he really had no clue what Lola was talking about, but they laughed and he shared his beer with her. Later Jamey asked their mutual friend for Lola’s number.

Lola recalls, “As rare as it is these days, Jamey asked me out on our first date like a true gentleman: he called.” On their first date, they went out for margaritas and talked all night.

Afterward, Jamey saved Lola’s name in his phone as “GF.” Three years later… they’re still in a relationship.