Stubbornness can get you into a whole lot of trouble. Any of you have the stubborn streak in ya? *raises hand* Me too. You are not alone. Do any of you have that one person who always tries to break it for you so you can avoid making more mistakes? That’s my mom for me. It has been an on going process because I don’t know if it’s the Latina in me, the woman in me or whatever, but I have had to learn the hard way that stubbornness will get you no where.

But I have been learning, I’m proud to say. Our mind tricks us into thinking our feelings are always valid but that’s just not always the case. It can actually get you into sticky situations that you really don’t want to be in. You probably hate it when you seem to find yourself in the same situation over and over again, right? Have you ever thought, maybe the reason has nothing to do with the problem but rather your actions?

There’s none so blind as those who will not listen.

Neil GaimanAmerican Gods

If you keep complaining about the same thing, it’s time to stop pointing the finger in the wrong direction. As much as I hate the idea of being stubborn, I have my moments. My mom is usually the one to call me out on it so through the years, I’ve been able to pick up on what she’s taught me on my own.

Let’s face it, mothers know best, right? And sure enough, when I take my stubborn route, mama always has the last word.. which is usually “I told you so.” And it’s crazy because no matter how often I see that my way isn’t always the correct way, I still keep pushing for that outcome and it

It’s time to stop pointing the finger in the wrong direction

Take it from a girl who’s learned throughout the years and is still in the making, really analyze the situations you’re in. Sometimes they’re not the actual issue. YOU are. And that’s OK, as long as you learn to be open to new ways of doing things. Taking advice from other people can be hard but if your way hasn’t worked in a while, there’s no harm in trying. No one likes a thick skull just like no one likes a person who doesn’t practice what they preach.

Thick skull, be gone!