Ever since my childhood, I’ve seen visions. The visions are basically the pictures; it’s clothes, bags, shoes, pictures of places, or the countries where I have not been able to visit yet.

I started painting and drawing when I was three years old. My Mother told me that I started talking and running early compared to all the other kids. One day, at the age of three, I told my parents that I did not want a doll or any other play stuff. I wanted watercolors.

My father asked me, “do you know how to paint with watercolors?” I answered, “yes, of course. I need a brush and that’s what I will paint with.” My parents were purged because nobody taught me or showed me how to paint with brushes.

My father actually bought watercolors and the next day, I could brush with paint. I’ve tried all these years, all I’ve seen, to overstate my visions on paper. You can see the pictures on my Instagram. This is my story. I still like drawing and every day, I still see my visions and try to paint and draw. This is what makes me very happy.”